Saturday, December 1, 2007

Breast Cancer Bags

I went shopping today for a shoulder bag - and discovered a store in Westfield mall that not only sells attractive quilted bags but has pledged part of the profits of one of its designs to fund-raising for breast cancer.

The manager of the store told us that a target of £10 million has been pledged to an oncology department in Indiana, where the company is based. Over a few years £7 million has been reached.

An undreamt of sum by UK standards! One company donating to one project!!!

The company name is Vera Bradley and the charity design has elephants and petal shapes on a black background. The elephants are outlined in pink with pink back covers and the petals are pink. A symbolic pink ribbon is tied to a side zip.

Just think how much money could be raised in the UK if major retailers dedicated one of their products to cancer care or research.

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