Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pooch Christmas!

Hollywood celebs with their toy-sized pooches are newspaper images only in the UK. But here in San Fran...

They may not be celebs, but San Franciscans love their dogs!

From fashionable handbag sized ones to large suitcase sizes, they are here. (more in a later blog)

But for now it's Christmas, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS POOCH is serious! Stores devote whole rows of cards to ones with doggie pics for devotees. I overheard - and I'm not making this up - a lady shopping with her child and dog proclaim... 'there are so many cards with pictures of dog loves shopping!'

There are Christmas tree ornaments and the pet boutique around the corner is selling toys and colourful coats including a Santa outfit. Yes, we saw one being worn last night.

I have to confess to succumbing... a card to Henry, King of Cannines, is in the post...

Click for pics

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