Monday, December 10, 2007

Cosco Busan Repair

The Cosco Busan, the ship that rammed the Bay Bridge and caused the oil spill, is being repaired nearby at a pier in Mission Bay.

We discovered this and went for a stroll to see it. In dry dock next to other shipping casualties, its giant hull is patched with what looks like iron bars.

The good news according to CBS, is that 100 miles of Bay and beach have been cleaned and almost 400 birds have left their health and beauty spa and been released back to the wild. Fishing is also returning to normal.

In all, nearly 2,000 birds died at sea and of the 1,000 taken to the specialist centre 600 were unable to be treated successfully. The IBRRC - International Bird Rescue Research Center - are world experts in rescuing wildlife from oil spills.

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