Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sex Blogs! Help!!!

It was an innocent activity. Or meant to be. I was sitting reading my own blogs. First one, and then the next one. The NEXT ONE!!!

My tool bar said: 'Next Blog' so I clicked...and onto my screen jumped a photo of two girls offering me 'sex and lovely fantasies' - they looked like young twenties on a night out - and an invitation from Sebastian for a live sex show via a webcam??*&^!!!! - sorry, guys, but no thanks, I'd rather shave my head.

As for the end of the blog, who knows, I didn't dare scroll any further!

One false move with the mouse, a startled involuntary reaction...and I'm into internet porn. If I can do it, so can inquisitive children and excitable teenagers. Forget Santa's stocking, it's so passe!

And forget police on bicycles! Where are the blog police on their laptops?!!

The danger of blogs for the uniniatiated - excuse my patronising tone, for in a nano second I have gone from junior school SATS to Master's Degree in Blog Awareness - is that once you click 'Next Blog' you exit your blog site and pitch randomly into any blog anywhere on the internet. It's a wild, wild world out there.

Unlike websites which appear with a title so that you can mostly gauge the contents before opening them, these blogs have no cover. They are there, open before you without the asking!

Don't forget, too, this crucial fact: overtired young mums and menopausal grannies may not have much of a memory. But your computer does. It records everything you see. Just for the record!

'But, your Honour, it was the tool bar! It made me do has no appeal...'

Try telling that to a Blog Aware judge!

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