Monday, December 17, 2007

Name of Mohammad

I see that the name Mohammad is now the second most popular boy's name in Britain.

Surely therein lies the paradox for Islam: it's common use here and across Muslim countries reflects both respect for the Prophet Muhammad and tarnishes his name by association with paedophiles, rapists, murderers, wife-abusers and thieves.

Compare that with the outrage at teacher Gillian Gibbons naively allowing the name to be given to a teddy bear - an 'object' - that in Western culture personifies a child's friend and protector.

Wouldn't it be better for Muslims to preserve a name that is sacred to them by removing it from those who bring it into disrepute? Better still, ban it from common use so there can be no confusion.

Among Christians in Britain and America, there is a reverence for the name of Jesus. Once an ordinary boy's name - it is a 'modern' version of the Hebrew name Joshua - it's use has been instinctively halted. There is some use of it in Catholic countries but they wouldn't demand 40 lashes and up to six months imprisonment for familial use.

For the record, pictured is King Bearwick

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