Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Christmas Sales!

By 10 am the city was thronging with bargain hunters.

And not just those arriving. I passed two girls laden with bags making their way out of the shopping area.

In Macy's where I headed first, the huge tree in the entrance had already disappeared. Upstairs in the Holiday Lane, the ornaments on the trees had come down like petals in a hurricane! The trees were bare and the decorations were stacked in cardboard boxes on offer for gigantic 50% to 60% reductions.

Even the trees were for sale at a whopping 75% drop in price.

The huge store was busy. As was the Westfield mall with the Bomb Squad van parked outside for a few moments before moving on.

Bloomingdales, too, was in the process of rapidly selling off their tree ornaments but at least they had not yet dismantled the trees. And like all the stores, sale-priced goods were everywhere.

People were purchasing in earnest. By lunch time, coffee places and the food hall were packed.

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