Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Roads! That might seem a pretty boring topic especially at Christmas!

Not if you emigrate from a small Welsh city to the heart of San Fran.

Trust me, it's quite exciting!

Home: step out of the house and garden and stroll down a quiet cul-de-sac, waving to the pleasant neighbours.

Here: step out of the apartment complex and and face two major roads with 12 lanes between them and four sets of tram lines! I know, because I've counted!

Picture a child's painting of swirls and lines. Put cars and trams on them. Now try crossing!

There is a 'white man' to tell you when to cross and a countdown of the seconds left before the traffic spurts off. But that doesn't take into account right-hand and filter-left lanes that do their own things.

My will is assigned to a series of post-its on the back of the apartment door. In case I don't make it to Christmas...Happy Christmas everyone...and irreplacable memories!!!

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