Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tiger Daredevils!

With San Fran zoo closed, animal lovers are flocking to Oakland zoo across the Bay to see two tigers - despite some knowing that their enclosure wall is also too low!

In an astounding report last night by KTVU, Oakland zoo's director admitted that the wall varied from 13 1/2 ft to 16 ft - the recommended minimum for US zoos is 16 ft.

He warned that if a tiger can leap 12 ft then it could scale 14 ft, adding that the zoo will be upgrading safety features over the next couple of months.

A visitor when interviewed said cheerfully he wasn't worried.

You know the game of 'chicken' when youngsters dash across the road in front of a car? Too tame by far!

Fancy a game of 'tiger'?!!

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