Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Secret Mirror!

We've all heard of secret mirrors! Well, now I've met one!

In the early stages of settling into San Fran we are living in the luxury of a furnished and 'serviced' apartment, which means I do not have to clean!

Our cleaners came yesterday while we were out and by the end of the evening we realised some unusual items had gone missing: an electric razor, two bottles of after-shave, a bottle of perfume and toothpaste!

I rang the company this morning with some temerity. After all, this is a reputable company whose cleaners leave you their names on a card.

'Please will you go into the bathroom,' said Eric, my friendly telephone adviser. I complied.

'Look at the mirror on the right. Now pull it!'

Aaaah!!! The secret of the mirror: a cupboard tucked into the wall!

'Don't worry,' he assured me. 'It happens all the time!'

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