Monday, March 30, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 13

The 'emergency' helicopter left the scene of the TV pilot Trauma this evening, but not before flames once again shot from the stricken fuel tanker and smoke surrounded it - see previous blogs for stories

On the highway over Mission Creek it was action again. At 7 pm the helicopter's blades whirred.

Behind it the smoke that had been seen thinly all day by the tanker began to thicken, and suddenly flames burst out of the top of it.

The chopper lifted slowly off the highway and dipping its nose headed purposefully over the creek and towards the bay.

In the story, one of the victims to be ferried to hospital - there may be more - is one of a group of four young baseball players being driven by one of their mums. An interview with the boys is in an earlier blog.

Traffic was halted for a few minutes but flowed smoothly within minutes of the take-off. Filming on the highway is continuing through Wednesday.

pics by Chris

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