Saturday, March 28, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 3

'It's pretty crazy out there!' said a young guy who had been out and about today with the filming of NBC's pilot TV show, 'Trauma'.

'It's Hollywood, it's not real, but it definitely makes it feel real!' he said.

Not wishing to give his name, he said the 'accident' bringing emergency responders rushing to the rescue, involved a tanker truck, a BMW and a Lexus.

By early evening, a yellow taxi also involved in the filming - some scenes were shot from it - was parked at the end of the off-ramp on King Street. Other vehicles carrying props were exiting from the scene.

Tomorrow, residents around the creek at Mission Bay are gearing up for a day of drama with a pyro-technic explosion and a whirr of helicopters overhead.

No-one knows exactly what time the explosion will be, said my commentator, 'but there will only be one! You can't put the pieces back together again!'

As dusk fell, a white tanker could be seen in place just overhead from the row of houseboats that rock gently on the creek.

A California Highway Patrol officer said this morning that there would be a wide closure of streets around the area while the explosion took place.

Meanwhile this evening residents were strolling around the creek to try and glimpse the action. Dad Brad was out with his six-year-old son, Connor.

'I think it's exciting, but it's causing a lot of traffic holdups,' said Brad, who with Connor is hoping to catch sight of the explosion tomorrow.

'It's great for San Francisco to have a film made in the city.'

pics show: a truck carrying props exiting on King Street; a Universal City Studios truck; the yellow taxi now parked overnight that was used in the filming; Brad and six-year-old Connor checking out the scene on Mission Creek

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