Wednesday, March 25, 2009

San Francisco Giants Ready for 2009!

The finishing touches of a giant makeover are being applied prior to one of the city's biggest celebrations of the year...the opening of the San Francisco Giants' 2009 baseball season.

Down at the AT & T Park, home of the Giants at China Basin, staff can be seen working both inside and outside the stadium.

At the grand entrance at Willie Mays Plaza, people have been on their knees this week polishing the thousands of bricks inscribed with the names of donors that sweep in seven arcs across the front.

And with the help of a cherry-picker today, men were standing on the heavy glass and steel frames that overhang the entrance, brushing and washing down.

Already, new turf has been laid and stands are being readied.

All this for the Giants' party on Opening Day on Tuesday, April 7, when the area around King Street and McCovey Cove will turn into a bobbing sea of orange and black .

In the opening game, currently scheduled for *1.05 pm, fans will watch their beloved team pitch against Milwaukee Brewers. The match continues on Wednesday at 7.15 pm and Thursday at 4.05 pm.

Prior to the home game, the team can be see in action in a series of exhibition games after returning from their Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona. They will be in Oakland on Thursday, April 2, and Friday, April 3, and then in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 5.

Games throughout the season are broadcast on TV and radio and this info, along with downloadable and printable match schedules, directions, videos and all up-to-date commentaries and info about the Giants community - along with a countdown to the minute to Opening Day! - is on their website:

*** The Giants advise: 'Game times do change and fans should check the online schedule for the most up-to-date game information.'

pics show the gleaming bricks and, just visible, men cleaning the glass and steel frames above the entrance

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