Sunday, March 29, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 8

Along the creek at Mission Bay a surprisingly small crowd of onlookers have gathered to watch the pyro-technic display of a tanker exploding on the expressway above.

Several in the crowd had heard that the action would be at 2.30 pm but at nearly 4 pm were still waiting.

By about 2.30 pm there had been some movement of vehicles. Support trucks carrying props moved away and a red and white ambulance - the ambulance
service in the USA is run by Fire Departments - manoeuvred close to the tanker.

Not too long after, three police cars formed a line behind the ambulance.

At 3.50 pm an NBC news van is pulling up across the

creek. The pilot TV film, Trauma, an action drama featuring brave paramedics to the rescue, is being made by NBC Universal Media Studios in association with Film 44.

Among the waiting crowd was Jackie with daughter, Janaya, who had travelled across the Bay Area to be here.

'It's something exciting to see!' said Jackie, as she sat on a bench by the Kayak House opposite the houseboats.

'It's something you don't see every day,' said Janaya.

'We've just moved back from LA,' said Jackie.' When we go to Santa Monica on Highway 1 we can see them sometimes filming on the beach, but we've never stopped,' she said.

So is this the closest you've been to a film shoot?

'Pretty much, yeah!' she said.

Janaya, who preferred not to have her pic taken, is a fan of drama and action movies. Her favourite TV shows are Law and Order, Criminal Intent and CSI Las Vegas, while her favourite film is Four Brothers.

pics show: the tanker with scenes being shot around it; Jackie; the end of Mission Creek by the Kayak House; and a view of the creek down towards Fourth Street

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