Sunday, March 29, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 5

'Right now it's a schemozzle! It's very dangerous up there!' said Andrea, who with colleague Mick was manning a rail of warm clothes for shivery filmmakers.

She has been part of the

action every day since the making of the NBC TV pilot 'Trauma' took to the streets of San Francisco. Early this morning she was on site on the corner of a side street near the off-ramp of King Street.

'Right now they're going to shoot the aftermath of the accident,' she said, with a taxi being filmed sideways on into the tanker.

But the accident scene itself will be something different!

The 'crash' scene is a multi-car crash with a tanker that is being readied for a

pyro-technic explosion, and safety is the key.

'We have big safety meetings. They keep people who don't have to be there away. There's a lot of broken glass. It's very dangerous,' she stressed. 'That's the nature of things.'

As if to illustrate the point, a private ambulance was parked only yards away, and a row of three red and white San Francisco ambulances were opposite her on King Street.

Andrea and Mick are 'local hires' and represent the union IATSE - the International Association of Theater Stage Emplyees. Most of the clothes for the filming are either purchased or rented, she said.

pics show: Andrea in the orange hat and Mick in a red top; breakfast for the workers in the side street; city ambulances waiting to play their part; private ambulance.

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