Sunday, March 29, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 4

Before 8 am this morning, a large crowd of people involved in the filming of a TV pilot called Trauma had gathered around the tanker that will be the scene of a gigantic explosion this afternoon. (see previous blogs)

Action will include a fireball, billowing smoke, and helicopters overhead.

The tanker was moved into place yesterday evening at the end of the day's filming and is seen sitting over the houseboats at the end of Mission Creek, not far from the off-ramp at King Street.

Trauma is a drama about paramedics who rush heroically to save lives. It is being made by NBC Universal Media Studios in association with Film 44 and filming will continue in the city for about four weeks.

The pilot alone is expected to bring in about $7 million in revenue for the city. Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Film Commission who have welcomed the filming are desperately hoping that the main production will take place in the city not just for the direct financial income but also for the creation of about 340 jobs and the wider boost to tourism that a popular TV series would bring. (see for more details)

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