Monday, March 30, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 12

An 'emergency' helicopter landing on the expressway over Mission Creek this afternoon left casual observers open-mouthed!

'I'm ducking for cover!' said Dave, standing there with fellow workers James and Reed as filming of the NBC pilot Trauma took on another dramatic turn - see previous blogs for yesterday's spectacular fireball and other stories

'He's way too close!' said James. The three men could scarcely believe their eyes as the blue and white chopper descended almost above our heads and appeared to barely clip the concrete sides of the highway.

But as it turned out minutes later, it was all a case of perspective. Taking a pic from another angle showed that the chopper was in fact well above the sides of the highway. Still, it will be a moment to be remembered!

As the helicopter landed, small explosions could be heard around the tanker on the film set where throughout the day thin wisps of smoke have been rising up. The pilot features paramedics rushing to the rescue of a multi-vehicle pile-up and tanker explosion.

By 3 pm the helicopter was circling the area and making a couple of low fly-pasts before landing successfully on the highway.

Traffic on the northbound Interstate 280 that runs over the creek and past the foot of Potrero Hill has mostly been slowed to a crawl today.

pics show: the helicopter has landed!; descending over the concrete; making a fly-past over the highway and creek with Potrero Hill in the background; Dave, James and Reed.

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