Sunday, March 29, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 10

At the top of the small jetty on the creek, Patrick as an amateur photographer was celebrating the success of capturing great shots of the exploding fire tanker - see previous blogs

'I got a really good shot!' he started to say.

'That was very cool!' suddenly said a young woman tapping me excitedly on the arm as she passed by.

Patrick had had the help of the 'fire squad' who had been tuning in to the action on their radios.

'We did a countdown,' he said. 'First they said there was a fire in the hole (of the tanker), then we counted down. That's why I had my camera at the spot and was able to get the good shots.'

He flicked through his camera replay to show me.

Billowing flames exploding over the creek, the houseboats and the expressway. A one-off capturing of an event that will never be repeated here at Mission Bay.

Filming of the pilot will continue on the expressway for the next three days and around the city for another three weeks. Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Film Commission are hoping that this $7 million pilot earner will translate into a production bringing jobs, profit and prestige to the city.

pics: more of the tanker explosions still in sequence from previous blog, and helicopters flying overhead - pics by Chris; Patrick at the top of the jetty

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audreyln said...

Thanks for covering this! I live on Potrero hill and only got to see the helicopters circling. I missed the fireball... it's too bad, looks like the view would have been absolutely perfect for me!