Sunday, March 29, 2009

Film Shoot of TV Pilot 'Trauma' 11

It's been a life and death experience for these four boys today: they have been involved in a car crash with an exploding tanker and for one still to come, there is a helicopter airlift to hospital with an emergency tracheotomy performed mid-flight.

But at 5.30 pm these young actors in baseball outfits were happy and healthy along the creek at Mission Bay and waiting to see the tanker blow up - all part of the NBC Universal Media Studios pilot, Trauma, an action drama based on the heroics of paramedics - see previous blogs

The boys, pictured with supporting actress Aimee, are 'car pool' kids travelling with one of their mums when the terrible accident occurs. Their car crashes into another in the multiple pile-up around the tanker.

'It's kind of hard work, but when you're doing it it's really fun being on set with all the actors,' said ten-year-old Joseph, the one who will undergo the tracheotomy.

'It was really fun,' said ten-year-old Anthony. 'It's a good way to get out of the house for a bit.'

'It's kind of hard work. It tires you out a lot,' said ten-year-old Max. 'It can be fun at times but most of it is hard work.'

'I enjoyed it,' said 12-year-old Devohn.

The boys were working for Beau Bonnaeu Casting with three of them being picked from details sent in by their mums. Only Joseph auditioned.

Would the boys like to be actors when they were older?

They all said they would. 'I'd love to be an actor,' said Joseph.

'Most likely,' said Max, and added with a sense of realism, 'but all actors need a different job as well.'

Their favourite TV shows and movies?

For Devohn it was the movie, Dude, Where's My Car?, Anthony, Superhero the Movie, Max, the TV show Drake and Josh, while Joseph chose the movie, Taken, CSI, Nickleodeon and Disney.

Supporting actress, Aimee, had been doing some acting with the boys.

'It's been fun, it's been our first day,' she said. But she had certainly experienced the actors' trials of long drawn-out days.

'We did one scene then broke for lunch and then we've been waiting for five hours,' she said.

She didn't have much longer to wait. The helicopters were overhead and soon the spectacular fireball burst out of the tanker.

'I think that's exciting. It's so great that the boys got to be part of that,' said Anthony's mum, Diane.

After a night's rest the boys will be back on scene tomorrow, once more transformed into the traumatised victims of a horrific crash.

pic shows: Devohn, Anthony, Joseph and Max with Aimee

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