Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100ft Surfing Barrier Broken

Surfer Magazine 13 hours ago produced this stunning pic online - the breaking news of two surfers breaking the 100ft wave barrier off the Chilean coastline on April 1!

Surfers are Rusty Long and Grant 'Twiggy' Baker, a former Mavericks Champion in 2006.

'Details are still a bit blurry, but according to eye-witness accounts, big-wave hellions Rusty Long and Grant “Twiggy” Baker have broken the 100-foot barrier, catching and surfing a sky-scraper-size wave off the coast of Chile’s Isla Alejandra Selkirk, several hundred miles off the coast of mainland Chile,' writes Jason Vasquez.

'SURFER received the breaking news via satellite phone from staff photographer, Todd Glaser, who accompanied the big-wave duo deep into the Pacific in hopes of scoring waves on what Glaser called “Chile’s Cortes Bank.” The photographer was shell-shocked but managed to upload the accompanying photo of Baker and Long dropping in on the monster cold-water right-hander before stormy conditions terminated his sat-phone connection.'

A video of the event promised by Surfer Magazine over the next few hours...has now been posted!

It couldn't have happened on a better day!!!

Links to the Surfer Magazine - are also on the site......showing that they are not only linked by surfing, but by a sense of humour!

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