Thursday, April 2, 2009

San Francisco Giants 2009 - New Food

For thousands of Giants fans a trip to the baseball park is not only about sport, but food.

As the 2009 season opens - see previous blogs - fans will not only be getting their teeth into some new items on the menu but will leave the food stands with more change in their pockets.
For the Giants are pitching all out to help with pricing during the credit crunch.

A Value Meal has been created at the Doggie Diners with a hot dog, peanuts and soft drink for $6.25, a saving of $2, and a Value Platter at McGraw's Grill with a hamburger, french fries and soft drink for $8.75, a saving of $4.50.

Children are specially taken care of. For $5 they can have a hot dog, juice box, snack and prize/toy at four different locations.

Prices have also been cut on the following individual items, hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, soft drink and ice cream novelties.

As Tom McDonald, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing, said at yesterday's press conference, the aim of this season is to make the ballpark 'the giant escape that many people will be looking for.'

There are also new offerings among other food vendors. At Joe Garcia's will be a San Fran style Taqueria, Thai style curry, chicken and beef skewers at Edsel Ford Fong's, Dungeness crab sandwiches at the Panini Wine Bar, blue cheese fries at Murph's Clubhouse Pub, and at the Batter's Up Ice Cream Sundae, a fun-sounding vanilla bean gelato with hot fudge, whipped cream and chocolate shortbread baseball cookie.

And a new vendor also joins the ranks, Tres Agaves, selling a bacon-wrapped hot dog, nachos, tacos and vegetarian tamales.

Plus regular food items will be there. I sampled a beef sandwich at The Carvery, and it was great.

pics show: Christina with Kid's Meals; Marlene, Alfredo, Gema at The Carvery; enthusiastic samplers in the food hall; Asian cusines at Edsel Ford Fong's

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