Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SF Giants Opening Day May be Rained Off

The skies have opened and the rain is pouring down over the San Francisco Giants ballpark on what was the much-heralded 2009 Opening Day with the possibility that the game will be cancelled.

'You don't want to say they won't play...' said the broadcaster, not wanting to be too definite at this early stage.

By 10 am as fans were beginning a gentle stream towards the Willie Mays Plaza at the front of the park at China Basin, the voice of a KNBR sports presenter broadcasting over the park queried the possibility of the match going ahead and instead there being a 'double hitter' tomorrow.

At 1.05 pm Captain Sully Sullenberger, hero of the Hudson river, is due to cast the ceremonial pitch before the match with the Milwaukee Brewers - see earlier blogs

Fans will be gutted if the game does not go ahead.

First in line by 7 am was Ermelita, closely followed by her friend, Nicole. It wasn't raining at the start of the interview just after 9 am, but by the end ominous drops were falling.

Ermelita, dressed in a white zipper Giants top, was up at 5 am and took about an hour to travel there.

What did The Day mean to her and who is her favourite player?

'It's a very special day, it's the Opening Day for the Giants,' she said enthusiastically. 'And Tim Lincecum is my favourite player - he's all worth it, he's worth everything - rain or shine!'

Nicole had left home at 7 am and arrived outside the main gates at around 8.30 am.

'It's Opening Day and I'm a die-hard Giants fan,' she said, wearing her black Giants top with orange lettering. 'I'm so happy the baseball season is back, it's going to be so much fun. And Tim Lincecum is awesome, he's electrifying, he's good stuff, man!'

How often will the girls be supporting their team? As often as they could get there, they said.

Prospects for the season?

'I think they'll do really well. You've just got to have faith and believe in the Giants,' said Ermelita. Nicole agreed. 'They're going to do really good!

The girls were joined by James under a green umbrella. His expectations for the 2009 season?

'I'm hoping the Giants will make the World Series and will win the Division. Tim Lincecum will get the Cy Young Award,' he said. 'No doubt!' chipped in Ermelita.

Tim is already a Cy Young Award winner for last season and will be presented with the award tomorrow evening.

'I hope Matt Cain will pitch better this season than last season,' added James.

What did he think of the ballpark going green?

'Great idea!' he said.

Around the corner a small queue had formed at the ticket booth, fans hoping to get late tickets as they become available from others cancelling.

more interviews in next blog
pics show: Nicole, James, Ermelita; banner of Tim Lincecum and the bunting above the main gates at the Willie Mays Plaza; Nicole and Ermelita first in the queue!

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