Thursday, April 2, 2009

San Francisco Giants 2009 - Orange and Black Attack

The Giants now have ambassadors - young people who will be making sure fans enjoy their time at the ballpark and who go out and about in the community spreading the good word about the Giants.

Named the Orange and Black Attack, they are a mild-mannered team who's goal is to spread cheer and encourage support for the Giants, one of the innovations that mark the start of the 2009 season - see previous blogs

Kedar said, 'We try to make the game more friendly - 'and personalized' - contributed Brooke.

'It's important for us to make the game itself a unique experience,' said Kedar. 'If we can create a fan base with young kids we're going to have fans for many years to come.'

Mandi said that as ambassadors they would be visiting community festivities, like the St Patrick's Day Parade that they have already been to, and non-profit organizations.

On Tuesday they played balloon volleyball and had an ice cream social at the Stepping Stones senior centre in Berry Street, near the ballpark, she said.

As they go round the community they will be giving out free T-shirts and other items, and discounted ticket offers. When the games are underway, they will be handing out Giants Eye Black Strips.

pic shows: Kedar, Brooke, Mandi, Schep

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