Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SF Giants Opener 2009 - Ardent Fans

Barbara and Jan sitting in prime seats at the Giants' ballpark for the opening ceremony are two of the Giants' ardent fans - see previous blogs

'We haven't missed an opening game in years, not since they had the baseball strike in the 90s,' said Jan.

Said Barbara, 'We've been coming here - ie to Giants games - way before that, when they were in Candlestick Park.'

'We love this place,' said Jan. 'Where else can you see the Bay Bridge, the San Francisco skyline and the Bay?'

Barbara and Jan were appreciating the stunning views surrounded by the enormous, rapidly-filling stadium and the pitch preparation. Below, grounds staff hauled back the vast sheet that covered much of the field and mopped up the rain with water-sucking machines.

They were especially thrilled that Captain Sully Sullenberger had been invited to throw the ceremonial pitch.

'He's astronomical. Look at him, he's all over the place. I think it's an honour to have him here, I think it's great the Giants have asked him,' said Jan. 'And he's from the area, Danville, across the Bay.'

What were they most looking forward to?

'A Giant's win and a complete game!' said Jan.

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