Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SF Giants Opener 2009 - First Win of the Season

Garlic fries, one of the mainstays of days at the San Francisco Giants been more popular than ever on Opening Day 2009 - see previous blogs for more on Opening Day 2009 - now that they are being served from the country's first ever green garlic fries stand.

'It's been a good day!' said Gilroy manager Saudia. 'Garlic fries are one of the most popular things in the ballpark, apart from alcohol!'

But since the stand has been painted bright green to reflect it's new green energy-saving status kitted out with, among other things, lower-energy fryers and recyclable and compostible accessories, it has hit fans in the eye!

'They think it's something new!' she said.

It is not the only new feature for the 2009 season.

Nostalgia covers part of the walls of the promenade, a mural of huge pics of former Giants' legends reaching as far back as 1883.

'For me, it brings back all the memories of the Giants,' said Robb - apologies to him

because the pic didn't record

'I've been coming to the Opening Day for 20 years at least,' he said as he perused the banner.

He picked out Darren Lewis and Brett Butler. Marvin Benard was another. 'I actually came to a game in 2001 when Marvin Benard hit a home run and won the game for us,' he said.

Back outside on the terrace, Ron and Mona had their eyes peeled on the pitch.

'I wouldn't miss it for the world,' said Ron of Opening Day. 'I had tears coming from my eyes when it started, I miss baseball so much.'

The Giants were on a winning streak as we spoke. 'I think we've got a great chance,' Ron said of the new season.

'Considering they expected a wet day,' said Mona, 'it's been a beautiful day in San Francisco and they've had a great Opening Day.'

Like so many, Mona was thrilled at the Giants' pick of Sully Sullenberger to throw the ceremonial pitch.

'It was great for him to be a part of Opening Day because people look to him as such a hero right now. It was probably just as great for him to meet Tim Lincecum as for Tim Lincecum to meet him,' she said reflecting on the pre-match meeting of the heroes.

'I think it was a great day to start the season.'

What of the play?

'I think the Giants play well. We got to see a lot of new pitchers today,' she said, hoping that Brian Wilson who was just going in to pitch would close play for the night.

He did! Not long after that, the stadium erupted. The game was over, a jubilant 10 - 6 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

The crowd streamed out of the stadium to the strains of 'I left my heart in San Francisco,' not just with garlic fries under their belts but the first win of the 2009 season.

By early evening, a lustrous rainbow beamed over the ballpark.

***The match continues on Wednesday at 7.15 pm and Thursday at 4.05 pm. Tomorrow night Tim Lincecum will be presented with the 2008 Cy Young Award and there will be fireworks after the match over the Bay behind the ballpark

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