Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SF Giants Opener 2009 - Best Dressed Fans 2

It was a day for dressing one's best! Not just any orange and black, but for some fans a day to turn the San Francisco Giants' Opening Day into a sartorial occasion - see previous blogs

Inside the stadium, enjoying a celebratory drink were Faham and Matt while outside on the terrace was Jeff in a vivid orange suit, bow tie and hat, completed by a button-hole and walking cane.

'This is the first year I've worn it,' he said of his stunning outfit. 'It was handed down to me, I believe it was bought on eBay.'

He has been an avid Giants fan for much longer. 'My entire life, all 22 years,' he said. Jeff is from San Francisco and has

lived in the city all his life.

His all-time favourite player is Matt Williams from the 90s. 'He was going to break the all-time home run record in 1994 but there was a shortened home run season when the players had a strike,' he said.

Setting out on the path of life-long allegiance to the Giants and of being a Giants' fashionista on Opening Day - without even taking her first steps - was Kiali who will be five-months-old on Good Friday.

How much of a fan is she?

'Huge!' said her dad proudly. ''On the way to the ballpark I was telling her how much of a fan she is going to be. She's going to know baseball better than her mum!'

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