Tuesday, April 7, 2009

San Francisco Giants Opening Day 2009 Dawns

It's a glorious day, as any Giants fan will tell you - the Opening Day of the 2009 season.

As if the heavens are rooting for the team, the sun rose spreading a deep orange glow around the Bay and across the AT & T ballpark.

In a few hours time, circling the ballpark from the cove to King Street and the Willie Mays Plaza will be a surging tide of orange and black as fans arrive.

And it will be a day for heroes. Not only will the new young team be there, sporting among them four homegrown players and all the hopes of a new season, but Sully Sullenberger, Captain of the stricken plane that landed on the Hudson River, will be throwing the opening ceremonial pitch.
The ceremony starts at I.05 pm before the first match against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Fans will see an even greener stadium this season where even the Gilroy's garlic fries are green. The stand is green with new energy-saving fryers and the signature garlic fries are topped with herbs.

It is part of a bid to be the first existing Major League baseball park in the country to achieve the US Green Building Council certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance (EBO & M).

Fans will also see a new banner display of past sporting Giants from 1883 to today, and for the first 40,000 through the gates there will be the traditional giving of a calendar.

The only possible dampener might be the weather. Scattered showers with some heavier showers and possibly thunder are being forecast and lower temps of 61 degrees.

Pic shows sunrise across the Bay towards Oakland and second pic, taken a few mins later, shows the edge of the ballpark at McCovey Cove

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