Wednesday, April 1, 2009

San Francisco Giants 2009 - Go Green

The Giants are going green. Forget the orange and black colours of the baseball team, think green.

Their signature garlic fries are green as well as the baseball park.

Up on the Promenade Level, the Gilroy Garlic Fries stand has been retrofitted with new fryers and lights replaced. The result? Enough energy saved to fry another 110 tons of the signature garlic fries.

Can you tell the difference working with the new fryers, I asked Sergio, before he led me into the kitchen to show off the row of gleaming fryers filled with sliced potatoes ready for cooking?

Yes, he said.

The new fryers are Henny Penny Open Fryers that reduce gas consumption by 32 percent, cut utility costs by over half and reduce the use of cooking oil by 12 per cent.

A new cooler system saves up to 35 per cent more energy and the new lights save 36.5 per cent electricity.

The 550-square foot stand uses biodegradable and recyclable materials for its signage, drink cups are recyclable and paper boats and carry trays are compostable. It has been painted with environmentally friendly paint.

Rosa, who's been working there 'a very long time, going on 15 years,' said of her new green work place, 'I've been looking forward to it.'

She handed me a carton of freshly made garlic fries with plenty of garlic and liberally sprinkled with fresh, green, finely chopped parsley.

They were delicious. She is used to seeing about 800 pounds of garlic fries served per game. Maybe this season, it will be more!

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